We are a concept, not a product.


Contemporary and thoughtful accessories that balance clean detailing with architectural silhouettes. Directed by Venezuelan architect Marianne Villalobos Emonet, we pursue to underline the wearer’s individuality by making jewelry visionary in technique, style and execution.

Pamela Coromoto’s pieces evoke moments and emotions. Each of our collections are open journeys where we embrace femininity, individuality and design both as aesthetics and as a way of living. 

We combine digital fabrication with traditional handcraft skills in order to customize these storytelling pieces, designed and manufactured ethically in our small studio in Belgrade.

But, who is Pamela Coromoto? A common question ;)
Almost ten years ago, two good friends with lots of enthusiasm and with the need of -making- uniqueness, merged their ideas and female power and idealized a character, a HER. Since then, no matter the circumstances and how the paths of these friends took different coordinates, SHE, Pamela Coromoto, has been the main source of inspiration, a muse, a dream.

Marianne Villalobs Emonet
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