Et Al Collection

The Constructivist Collection

Art, architecture, design, cinema, among other fields have been deep influenced -even after a century- by The Masters Constructivists. 

Et al. (abbreviation for et alia: and others), is a collection inspired by eastern artists such as El Lissitzky and his strong geometrical language; the color abstraction of Walter Dexel; the mysticism of Wassily Kandinsky and the relevant work of Moholy-Nagy, Popova and Rodchenko.

The Constructivism philosophy, the combination of faktura: the particular material properties of an object, and tektonika: its spatial presence, is interpreted in Et al, as this compendium of elemental shapes, colors and finishings, which dialogue and reach spatiality in order to create pure content and arrangement.

The circle is presented as the main form of this collection, it's an eternity and continuity are constantly evoking a sense of sublime boundlessness, moving towards complete abstraction.


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