Observatorium Collection

Known as a place used for observing terrestrial or celestial events, OBSERVATORIUM is a discovery in my own sky, a recognition of my language and ideas.

Pieces are shown as elemental totems, pure and absolute, made of local oak and leather, and merged by ethereal pieces of copper. All materials form an impeccable fusion, where the rigidity of the lines easily dissolves by the gentleness of the hands who assemble.

All pieces are made with the lowest footprint possible, manufactured under ethical business practices, responsible sourcing and local materials. We are proud to let you know that every single detail is designed, fabricated and assembled within our brand.

“OBSERVATORIUM means a before & after for Pamela Coromoto. It took time and effort, learning and challenges, until reaching the main point - turning the complex into simple, so simple that again, became complex. Later, the discovery of this amazing place in Belgrade happened, and finally all made a big click”.


Marianne Villalobos Emonet