Ethics Matters

For you and us. Ethics matter. Really.

Ethics matter

We are a small brand with a big message. 
We embrace sustainable design and positive social impact both as aesthetics and as a way of living. Each piece that comes out from our small workshop in Belgrade has been thoughtfully and consciously designed, produced and treated as a master-piece.

Pamela Coromoto makes a real effort to reduce waste and energy consumption within the entire chain of production, involving new technologies, recycled materials that come from Europe and are responsibly sourced from well-managed stocks. We also collaborate with local artisans and manufacturers who share our ethos  in order to make our pieces one of a kind. 

We believe in humankind. 
We have recently partnered up with an NGO in Belgrade who support women socially fragile, in order to build a small but meaningful team, with the goal of making our process of production an art therapy/healing process for them while giving them back their self-sufficiency and incorporating them into society and economy. We hope this is the first of many other social projects to come in our community.


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